Q 1. What is special about Pragya Matth Publications (PMP) and what are the advantages of Publishing with Pragya Matth?

Ans. Pragya Matth Publications is a publication house established by authors to save authors/poets/ intellectuals/ writers from exploitative regime of commercial publishers. The advantages of publishing a book with us are many and enumerated below:

Q 2. How Pragya Matth Publications is different from other publishers?

Ans. We publish book at the lowest cost and give royalty at the highest, even up to 50% of the “net profit”. We market every books on world class book selling e-platforms like Amazon, flipkart etc besides on our own website and through a network of distributors. We have our own vast peer group of book lovers.

Q 3. How much it costs to publish a book through Pragya Matth Publications?

Ans. It can be without a single rupee. It depends on two factors:
If our editorial board assesses the contents of the script of a very high standard having potential of high readership, it can be published on our cost. In that case author won’t pay anything for publication, rather he/she will get the royalty @15% of the selling/printed price, which is almost 70-80% of the total profit.However, if our editorial board finds the contents not having potential of high sale, it can be published on very economical charges to be paid by the author.

Q 4. What are “costs calculation factors” to “self-publish” a book through Pragya Matth Publications?

Ans. The cost calculation depends on following factors;

Q 5. What a book will be called if it has no colored photos except the cover page and last page?

Ans. Black and White

Q 6. What is a “colored” book in your definition?

Ans. A book that has colored photos (or anything that needs to be printed more than black and white) within its “contents” (cover and last page are not counted in “contents”)

Q 7. How much it costs to publish a “black and white” book through Pragya Matth Publications?

Ans. Our approximate calculation of “production cost”of a “black and white” book on paper back is as follows:
The cost may be a little higher or lower depending on individual script. The exact cost can be calculated after assessing the book.

Q 8. How much it costs to publish a “colored” book through Pragya Matth Publications?

Ans. If it is a mixed book where most of the contents is black and white and some color photographs are to be placed at beginning or in the middle or at the end, the cost of per photograph will be added to the “black and white cost” @₹ 4/- (rupees four only) per print page (it may contain more than one photo). However, a full color book will cost ₹ 3.00 per page. So cost of a book with 300 colored pages will be ₹ 900/- per copy.

Q 9. Does number of copies printed at the beginning affect the cost of production of book?

Ans. Yes “
The cost of books comes down by 20% when a book is ordered for print in the increasing blocks of 500 copies. So if initial 500 copies of a particular book are costing ₹50,000/- (rupees fifty thousand only), if 1000 copies are ordered it will cost only ₹40,000/-. However, further increase in numbers of copies may not have the same proportion of decrease in the cost per book. It may wary based on various factors.

The difference comes due to offset and digital printing, depending of number of copies. 

Q 10. What is the business model at Pragya Matth Publications?

Ans. We have two models for publishing and sale of the books

Q 11. How authors are paid at Pragya Matth Publications on “author paid” published books?

Ans. The author is paid 50% of the “ net profit” on every book sale. The profit is calculated on the formula: Profit= MRP –(production cost of the book+ retail charges). For example. If a book has an MRP of ₹ 100/- and production cost is ₹30/- the profit calculation will be as follows:
100- (30+50)=20. So ₹ 20/- will be profit per book. The cost of distribution and retail is charged by various platforms/distributors @50% of the MRP.
So out of ₹20/-, the author will get 50% (₹ 10/-) and Pragya Matth Publications 50% (₹10/-) per book. However, ultimately the author will get ₹40 (10 royalty and 30 cost of the book he had already paid). So on every book sold the author will get ₹ 40/-.

Q 12. How authors are paid at Pragya Matth Publications if the book is accepted and published on the cost of the Publication house?

Ans. If we accept a script to publish on our own cost, the author need not to pay anything. After publication the author will be paid a royalty of 10% per book sold.

Q 13. How and who decides the MRP of the book?

Ans. MRP is decided keeping in mind many factors. It is a fine balance among factors of profit, cost of the book and making available the book to the reader at lowest possible price. Since, invariably distributors and retailers/ selling platforms charge more or less 50% of the MRP, the author and publishers are left with only 50% of the MRP. This includes cost of the book and profit. So, invariably, the MRP is kept at 3 to 4 times of the production cost of the book to make it economically viable.
For example if the cost of the book is ₹ 50/- the MRP has to be between ₹ 150-200 else the book will not be economically viable. How?
Now let us take example that the book has MRP of 150/- (thrice the cost of production). So ₹ 75/- (50%) will be taken away by the distributors and retailers. Out of remaining ₹ 75/- the cost will be deducted (75-50=25). So the author and the publishers are left with only ₹ 25/-. With our model of 50% profit going to the author, the author will get ₹ 12.50/- and the publisher only₹ 12.50/- per copy sold, which is very nominal to the both. Then there are other expenditures too like, cost of transportation, packing, handling etc. Marketing and advt also need some pumping of money for wider reach.
If the MRP is kept at ₹ 200/- the calculation will be like this: ₹100 to the retailers/distributors and ₹ 100/- with author and publisher. Out of this ₹ 50 is the cost of production, so only ₹ 50 is left. Out of this ₹ 25 (50%) will go to the author and 50% to the publisher.
In Pragya Matth Publications, the MRP is decided by the author in consultation with the publisher.

Q 14. What is ISBN and who obtains it?

Ans. ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique and universal book number recognized all over the world that gives unique identity and reachability to the book. For all books published by us, under any model, Pragya Matth will obtained the ISBN free of cost. No cost is taken from the author. As per rules separate ISBN are required for paperback and hard bound of the same book. ISBN is given to the publishers by Raja Ram Mohun Roy National Book Agency (under the Union Govt’s ministry of HRD) New Delhi.

Q 15. How to reach out to the managers and head of editorial board/ CEO of the publication,s house?

Ans . Via our website for enquiry and general correspondence: On our website we have “contact us” link. Please click there and you will be prompted to fill a small form. This form needs your basic information for reverting back like, name, email, mob along with the query.

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