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Pragya Matth Publications is a publication house established by authors to protect the author community from unscrupulous, unethical and exploitative commercial publishers. Pragya Matth Publications has been established by an ex-army officer, Major Saras Tripathi, after his own bitter experience as an author, with publishers and their unethical businessdealings. The publication is managed by a group of authors, academicians and professionals. We nurture, guide, assist and advice authors as to how to convert their script in to a book. Our business model is author friendly and allows every author to get his book published.
Our Aim
Our aim is to facilitate free flow of great and noble ideas through publication of books of substance. Money shouldn’t be a constraint in free flow of great ideas. We encourage the authors to write and send us the script on any subject that is good for humanity. Our business models cater for all kind of authors with limited budgets.
Our Mission

“Every Quality script that comes to us is published and reaches to every reader”

Our Mission is to ensure no script goes unpublished that reaches us. Our mission is to facilitate every writer to get his script published and reach every reader.

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“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” ...